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Ear Candling

Ear Candling is a relaxing ancient remedy that cleanses the ear canal. Ear candling relieves and improves the symptoms of minor ear complaints. When the ear candle is lit it creates a slight suction that draws the impurities from the ear into the candle. The smoke from the ear candle travels into the ear canal, massaging the ear drum and bringing blood supply to the surface of the ear. The nerve endings and hair folicles of the ear are stimulated during this process. Ear candles are made from 100% cotton and bees wax. Ear candles are hollow, dripless and are designed to fit snuggly imto the ear canal. Ear candling is a soothing and relaxing process.

Ear Candling will benefit you by:

  • improving sinus problems
  • relieving ‘water logged’ sensations within the ears
  • relieving ‘blocked’ or ‘muffled’ sensations within the ears
  • creating the sensation of clarity
  • relieving ear ache
  • relieving pressure after flying or diving
  • relieving discomfort caused by ear plugs, hearing aids, headphones etc…
  • inducing a relaxed and calm state
  • improving minor ear complaints

Call me on (02) 48223397 to book your Ear Candling session or to find out further information about how Ear Candling can meet your needs.

Appointments are available Monday to Friday between 10am & 5pm. By appointment only.

Gift Vouchers are also available.


$65 for a 1 hour Ear Candling session

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